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DT Box - Bumper Protector

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The Bumper Protector is perfect for protecting the bumper and paintwork of your vehicle. The non-slip rubber gives your dogs great traction when jumping in and out of the box in your boot. It gives them great grip and stops them slipping even when they have wet mucky paws. It protects the paintwork from getting scratched by your dogs nails and also protects against moisture and muck that would otherwise end up on your cars interiors and carpets.

The Bumper protector does an excellent job at protecting your interiors from the normal muck that dogs gather when out for their walks. The Bumper Covers are removable and wipe-able making them a hygienic solution also. They protect your interiors from the moisture that drips off your dogs as they get in and out and therefore help prevent a build up of smells in the carpet of your boot. 

The video below to shows John fitting the bumper cover in a van and is a guide to show you how easy it is for you to fit and use even with one of our largest boxes. You can also see how easily the bumper cover hooks up into the stainless steel doors when closed allowing you to close the boot. It remains in place ready for use when needed again, simply unhook the bumper cover and open the doors and its ready to go hassle free.

Here is a video of Rebekah fitting a bumper cover under one of our single boxes:

Bumper covers are available in three sizes to suit your box and vehicle.

The size options are;

1200mm long and 940/990/1100mm wide suited to your box.

If you order the bumper cover at the same time as your box we will automatically match the size of the mat to the box being bought and your vehicle. Otherwise when you are purchasing it you will be asked to provide your vehicle model and we will match the size. We recommend that you do get a mat that is the full width of your boot even if you purchase a half box. This ensures your full bumper is protected especially if your dog jumps in or out at an angle. 

We highly recommend you get a bumper protector when purchasing a box. It makes using the box much easier for your dog as it provides grip for their paws and it also protects the interiors and paintwork of your vehicle.