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DT Box -Veterinary Bedding

Original price £16.00 - Original price £30.00
Original price
£16.00 - £30.00
Current price £16.00
Size: Single Box

Our non-slip vet bedding is warm, comfortable and safe for your pet and is ideally suited for our range of boxes. The inside  base of the box is made from hard plastic so it is ideal to put a non slip mat in it for your dog. The top surface of the mat is soft and furry which adds an element of comfort for your dog also. 

The non-slip rubber backing prevents the vet bed from sliding around the box when driving around corners making it safe for your dog whilst being transported. 

It is long lasting and versatile and can be machine washed time and time again up to 60 degrees, providing a clean and hygienic environment for your pet to sleep or rest on.

We cut one mat per compartment so for a half box one mat is required and for a double compartment two are necessary. The bedding is machine washable which makes it hygienic and the rubber non slip backing adds an extra element of safety for your dog travelling with you.