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Meet our Dogs -(and a little background on us)!

Meet our Dogs -(and a little background on us)!

Here at DT Boxes we are huge dog lovers. Four of our dogs feature a lot in our videos and photos so we thought it was about time we introduced them properly.

Rusty, our Golden retriever, is the oldest member of our dog family, having been the family dog for twelve years. Rachel and Phil brought Jack and Dobby into the family next. These two energetic Cocker Spaniels are so different in nature to each other but both equally loveable and bring great life to the bunch. Last but not least is Wrex, he joined the family two years ago thanks to John and is the largest member of our dog family but also the baby in more ways than one.


Rusty has been the Irvine family dog for the last twelve years. He is the elderly gentleman among the bunch. He is 'a good boy" as Rebekah would say. Rusty is a loyal Golden Retriever and use to spend a lot of time in the workshop with the guys. He has retired now and now spends most of his time at the family home.

Rusty loves playing in the water in Gosford Forest Park and still enjoys a good walk. He loves finding big stones to chew on too. Rusty has a special place in Rebekah's heart. Wrex provides great company for Rusty and has sparked new life in Rusty since his arrival.


Jack is the eldest of Philip and Rachel's two Cocker Spaniels. He is a Black Cocker and the more independent of the two. He is happy in his own company but if he likes you he is happy to sit with you awhile to be petted. He has a very placid nature, and is very gentle with the children. Being a working breed means he has endless energy and never seems to tire no matter how far he runs.

Background info: Rachel, is Mark and John's sister. Their Dad, Gilbert, co-founded the company many years ago and the company is now owned and run by Mark and John. Their love of dogs lead them to design and develop the DT boxes end of the company. Phil and Rachel are Husband and Wife, they have a son George and two Cockers Jack and Dobby, all of which regularly feature in DT boxes photos and videos. The business really is a full on family business with everyone in the family having a great love of dogs.


Dobby is a Golden Cocker Spaniel and the younger of the two cockers and much more restless. He is constantly weaving in and out and is constantly on the go. If a crumb drops from the table, he is sure to be the first one to it. Dobby will literally eat anything which unfortunately for him has meant more than one trip to the vets.

Dobby was named after Harry Potters House Elf as Rachel is a huge Harry Potter fan. As it turns out the name really suits his personality. Dobby is more anxious in nature and loves being in company. He is a very loveable dog with endless energy and brings great fun and energy to the bunch.


Wrex is the newest addition to the DT Boxes clan and John's beloved "Poopie". They say dogs are man's best friend and this is definitely true for John and Wrex. Wrex has made a huge impact here since his arrival two years ago. He has starred in many of our Youtube videos and most recently helped us out on Wrexcam when we took him out for a drive to show you how comfortable your dogs are in their DT Boxes when you are driving.

Wrex is a large Rottweiler weighing in at 55kg. Despite his large size, Wrex has the softest nature. He loves jumping up for cuddles on John and  Mark or giving them the paw. He is an integral part of the family and lives at home with John. He is a natural herding creature so he does naturally tend to herd other dogs like Rusty or us over to where he wants them much to our amusement. He is a beautiful, soft natured creature yet full of strength at the same time.

He is also quite protective over children and Rebekah. He loves coming into the workshop with John. He spends most of his time sitting by Rebekah on guard as she works. Not sure if he is trying to keep people out or Rebekah in. John has him well trained.

Background: Rebekah is the youngest sister in the Irvine family. If you have been talking to us lately on the phone, you may have had the pleasure of dealing with Rebekah. She is our I.T. whizz and also has been taking your calls over the last while. Wrex is very protective of Rebekah and can usually be found by her side in the workshop. Whilst at home however, Rusty dog can usually be found next to her waiting to be petted and to be told 'he is a good boy'.

We are all huge dog lovers here at DT Boxes and these are the dogs that inspire us every day. We love to take them out and about with us and that's why we always ensure our boxes are made to the highest standard to make sure our beloved dogs are safe and happy as we go. These dogs are an integral part of our family and of our business and we hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little more about them (and us). We hope you enjoy seeing them in our photos and videos as much as we love making them with our dogs. No doubt you will be seeing more of Rusty, Wrex, Jack and Dobby again soon.

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