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We get a lot of questions about our products. One of the most common is this:

“Do you have a box that will fit my specific vehicle?”

It’s a good question; there’s a lot of variation in vehicles and boot sizes. That’s why we’ve created a quick calculator to help you find out. Simply select the make, model and year of your car, and our tool will generate a list of all the boxes that will fit.

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New Pickup Kit

It’s easy to add or remove one of our boxes to your car when you have a boot, but what happens when it’s a pickup truck or van? These often come with their own unique issues and considerations - their beds are often open to the elements, and there’s a lot more room for things to move around.

Our new ‘Pickup Kit’ may be the answer. This kit provides a full set of rain guards across the top, door and vents, and two heavy-duty tie-down D rings. This kit is currently available for the DT1000, DT1000L, and DT1000XL.

Note: This is an optional extra that isn’t sold separately, as we need to install it in our workshop.

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Pickup Kit

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