DT Boxes Provide Safe Secure Transit boxes custom fit for the boots of Cars, Jeeps, Pickups & Vans, allowing you to transport your dogs in comfort. Our Animal Transit Boxes are made to the highest Quality, they are super tough and light weight. Search for your vehicle to Find the Perfect box for you. Need more help call us +44(0)2838356600

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Find The Perfect Box For Your Vehicle

We get a lot of questions about our products. One of the most common is this:

“Do you have a box that will fit my specific vehicle?”

It’s a good question; there’s a lot of variation in vehicles and boot sizes. That’s why we’ve created a quick calculator to help you find out. Simply select the make, model and year of your car, and our tool will generate a list of all the boxes that will fit.

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New Pickup Kit

It’s easy to add or remove one of our boxes to your car when you have a boot, but what happens when it’s a pickup truck or van? These often come with their own unique issues and considerations - their beds are often open to the elements, and there’s a lot more room for things to move around.

Our new ‘Pickup Kit’ may be the answer. This kit provides a full set of rain guards across the top, door and vents, and two heavy-duty tie-down D rings. This kit is currently available for the DT1000, DT1000L, and DT1000XL.

Note: This is an optional extra that isn’t sold separately, as we need to install it in our workshop.

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Pickup Kit