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Mercedes GLA | 2014-2020 | Dog Travel Crate | DT-9

This box is guaranteed to fit the Mercedes GLA 2014-2020

Original price £350.00 - Original price £590.00
Original price
£350.00 - £590.00
Current price £480.00
Width: 900mm
Colour: Black
Rear Escape Hatch: No

Independently Crash Tested

About the Mercedes GLA 2014-2020 Dog Box

The DT 9 is a great box for smaller-sized Jeeps, with enough room for two smaller-sized dogs or one large dog. It comes with a removable divider which frees up more space if you need it for a larger dog.

The box is made from a super tough lightweight plastic, making it easy to lift in and remove from your vehicle, meaning you don't have to sacrifice boot space when your dogs are not travelling with you. The plastic is anti-shatter and very durable making it a very safe box for transporting your dog.

The central divider (900mm) keeps each dog contained in its own compartment and prevents your dog from sliding about too much when being transported. It can also be removed to accommodate larger dogs.

The plastic construction is leakproof ensuring no moisture from your dogs seeps out into your vehicle which gives you peace of mind when taking your dogs out on a wet day or out for a swim. This protects your interiors ensuring no unwanted muck or fluids from your dogs end up on the carpets in your boot.

  • Independently crash tested
  • Lightweight durable anti-shatter frame
  • Comfortable and safe for transporting your dog
  • Lockable stainless steel door as standard
  • Removable centre divider
  • Two drainage plugs
  • Easily cleaned
  • Sealed leak-proof bottom protects your boots carpet
  • Side vent holes
  • Ergonomically designed easy lift handles

Height: 630mm

Width: 900mm/500mm

Depth: 700mm

Dog Sizes

500mm Wide:

900mm Wide with divider:

900mm Wide with divider removed:

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